Provincetown, on Capecod. We had a little detour and no whales whatsoever.

Fá is really seasick.

Provincetown!!! My little sister was born there. :) My family lived there when I was very little, but I remember it. We went on vacation there, too. :)
That`s so cool!

I remember you used to live somewhere in the New York State, right? But then you got married and I can`t remember anymore, so where do you live now?
I lived in New York--and for a few years in Provincetown--when I was little. We moved to Tennessee when I was eleven. Last year, though, Ryke and I moved to Ohio, so I'm in Columbus, Ohio now. :)

How's your trip going?
It`s okay, I`ve been having fun. Today was my first day at the hospital and I`m still a bit lost, not sure what to do with myself yet! *lol*

It`s a bit scarry to be away from everything and everyone we know, but then I think I`m going to learn a lot!
It can be scary being away from everything and everyone you know! I've been out of the country a couple of times. How long are you supposed to be here? You're working at the children's hospital here, right?
Yeah, it`s Children`s. It`s not my first time either but it`s the longest. I`m going to stay for over little a month. But that`s okay, it just takes some getting used to, right?!

I had quite a scare on my first day though, because the immigrations officer was really really rude to me, she completeley humiliated me as a human being, I think she thought I was coming to stay illegaly or something. I tried to explain to her and she kept shouting the rudest things at me and there was nothing I could do because she could just deny my entering the country and it`d be all over. It almost made me go back to Brazil anyway though!